Meta announces AI model ‘CM3leon’ for text, images

Meta has recently introduced CM3Leon, an AI art generator named that is being hailed as the best in its category. In a time when many tech companies are focusing on advancing artificial intelligence, Meta’s CM3Leon stands out as a highly advanced and capable model.

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CM3leon is a special kind of computer program that can understand both text and images. It can do two main things: it can create pictures based on text descriptions, and it can also write descriptions or captions for pictures. This is really helpful because it can automatically come up with captions for images without needing a human to do it.

AI-generated images have been around for a while, with tools like Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, and Midjourney. However, Meta’s approach to building CM3leon and the claimed performance of the foundation model are new and groundbreaking.

AI image generators like DALL-E2 and Imagen use a costly technique called diffusion to create images by removing noise from an initial image. However, Meta’s image generator employs a method called “attention” to determine the importance of input data like text or images. This speeds up the training process and allows for efficient parallelization of the models.

Meta says that CM3leon needs much less computing power and a smaller training dataset compared to previous transformer-based methods. They trained the AI model using millions of data points from Shutterstock.

CM3leon is a highly advanced AI model that excels at creating images from complicated instructions and can easily modify existing images. It outperforms the DALL-E2 model in this regard. However, Meta, the company behind CM3leon, has not made an official announcement about the release of this program yet.

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